Continuous drug delivery to the stomach and upper GI tract


Clexio’s proprietary Oral Long Acting Release (OLAR®) platform is a drug delivery system designed to enable continuous drug delivery to the GI tract, allowing for more efficient drug absorption and lower drug plasma fluctuations. OLAR® is currently investigational and has not been approved for commercial distribution.

Market need

Many drugs are not as effective as they could be because their absorption fluctuates as they travel through the gut. OLAR® can increase the half-life of medicines by keeping them in the stomach, where complete absorption can occur. Without changing drug formulations, it can increase drug effectiveness. OLAR means patients can take fewer, less frequent pills.

Our program

Scientific aspects

OLAR® is a drug delivery system that is administered orally and is non-invasive. It is a capsule containing a folded configuration that opens in the stomach to release the drug. Once opened, the unfolded configuration is too large to pass through into the small intestine, so it remains in the stomach until all of the drug has been released. Then it breaks apart, becoming small enough to pass through the rest of the digestive system, soften and partially dissolve along its way out of the body.

OLAR® suits multiple APIs, targeting therapeutic drug levels for 8–24 hours at high drug loading—up to a total of 750 mg of drug and excipients.

To better understand the OLAR® mechanism, please watch this animated video:


Clinical aspects

Two Phase 1 studies were completed. Studies found that the administration of OLAR® was safe and well tolerated, and a prolonged pharmacokinetic profile was achieved with the selected test drug.

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