Redesigning therapies
for psychiatry & neurology
for lives worth living

For patients who have not found effective solutions
for their neurological or psychiatric conditions

Clexio Biosciences is a CNS-first clinical stage company. We are dedicated to developing novel therapies for patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric conditions.

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Aligning humanity, science and technological innovation
to generate new patient-centric possibilities

We identify points of convergence between patients' needs, validated mechanisms of action and technology, to generate new solutions that can be integrated into patients’ lives.

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A multi-asset pipeline

We are a multi-asset company with a rich and growing pipeline, from preclinical to Phase 2 development stages. We invent new therapeutic modalities, and bring them quickly from an idea to Proof of Concept and then to full clinical development.

Pre clinical
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Potent a2-adrenergic
receptors agonist

M1/M4 muscarinic agonist

Quick facts

Solid foundations

Started in 2018 with strong financial backing and a broad network of partners worldwide

Driven by the patients

Technological and therapeutic ingenuity to address patients'
unmet needs

Multidisciplinary team

Broad experience in Pharma & Biotech, from early innovation to clinical development & regulatory approvals

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