About us

Our mission
to make life worth living again for millions of patients

About Clexio

We are a multi-asset, CNS-first clinical stage pharmaceutical company with a broad and growing pipeline. We are dedicated to developing novel therapies for patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric conditions.

We are developing novel therapies to address patients’ unmet needs in Major Depressive Disorder, Chronic Pruritus of neurological origin, Neuropathic Pain, Cluster Headache and Parkinson ’s disease. Our lead drug candidate is currently in a Phase 2 multicenter study in the United States.

One of our driving principles is to invent new therapeutic modalities and bring them quickly from an idea to Proof of Concept and then to full clinical development. We identify points of convergence between validated mechanisms of action and technology, to generate new patient-centric possibilities.

Our multidisciplinary team brings years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and encompasses end-to-end drug development expertise, from early stage to advanced clinical stages and regulatory approvals.

Individually and as a team, we are excited every day to use our expertise to innovate, integrate, apply, and develop new and effective solutions for patients.

Life at Clexio

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