Elena Kagan

CDO & Co-Founder

Elena Kagan brings over 18 years of drug development experience, with special expertise in the field of pharmacokinetics. Elena brings unique ability to identify a medical problem, identify solutions, develop concepts and test them quickly in preclinical models and in human.

Prior to co-founding Clexio, she spent most of her professional life at Teva Pharmaceutical, holding various positions within Global R&D.

Her particular expertise resides with pharmacokinetics and the effect of the formulation/technology on human PK. Lena spent over a decade in a Biopharmaceutical department of Teva Global R&D where she led hundreds of PK studies and tens of PD clinical trials. In her last position at Teva as VP, New Therapeutic Entities, she successfully built an efficient engine for organic growth, implementing a multidisciplinary approach to create tailor made medical solutions to meet particular unmet needs. This group enhanced Specialty R&D pipeline with one product approved, one product in phase 3 and a few additional products in various stages of development.

Elena has studied medicine in Moscow medical School and holds an M.Sc. from the Clinical Pharmacology Department of Beer Sheva University of the Negev.

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