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our mission:

to make life 

worth living again 

for millions of patients.

our mission:

to make life
worth living again
for millions of patients.

company profile


We are a multi-asset, CNS-first clinical stage pharmaceutical company that grew out of an R&D team at a Big Pharma company. We are dedicated to developing novel drugs and technologies for patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric conditions.

We have a rich and growing pipeline and are currently focused on the development of safe and effective treatments to address patients’ unmet needs in Major Depressive Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Pain, and other conditions involving impairment of the neurological system. Our lead drug candidate is currently in a Phase 2 multicenter study in the United States. 

One of our driving principles is to invent new therapeutic modalities and bring them quickly from an idea to Proof of Concept and then to full clinical development. Individually and as a team, we are excited every day to use our expertise to innovate, integrate, apply, and develop new and effective solutions for patients.

quick facts


5 drugs under development

Types of drugs

small molecules, drugs and
drug-device combinations


depression, pain and
other CNS indications

Driven by Innovation

Technological and therapeutic ingenuity
translates to new solutions for patients

Passionate Team

With years of experience in Pharma,
Drug Delivery, Medical Practice and
Regulatory Agencies

Solid Foundation

Started in 2018 as a spin-off from a
Big Pharma company, with strong financial
backing and a broad network of
partners worldwide

We believe in the power of collaboration – both internally and externally.
Our team and partners are the key ingredients in our success.

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