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fusion innovation is our way of

aligning science and technology

to impact lives

fusion innovation

is our way of aligning science and technology to impact lives

Recent years have seen a steep rise in exciting technological convergences meant to solve complex healthcare
challenges quickly and efficiently. Clexio Biosciences identifies where developments in science and technology can
intersect and fuse into something new – something that transcends both.


Free to innovate

For us, Fusion innovation is the unimpeded exploration of new ideas, and the ability to drive them quickly and robustly into proof-of-concept, clinical trials, and on to patients that need them. Our approach to problem-solving relies on the freedom to explore new ideas, through any discipline and by any means.


It starts with listening

By listening closely to patients and physicians, we uncover their issues with existing treatments, their experience both in broad strokes and in detail, their unresolved concerns, and their wishes for new treatments and improved therapy.


Exhaustive research

Our team then sweeps through hundreds of drugs, mechanisms of action, delivery technologies, and use cases,
using our cross-disciplinary perspective to hone in on the best fusion of elements to address patient needs.


Quick on our feet

We rigorously assess new ideas, and then move them forward at speed into proof of-concept.
We pride ourselves on our unique, risk-managed process for finding new solutions for urgent patient needs.


Nurturing innovation

Clexio values innovation and has a broad IP portfolio comprising of 29 patent families.


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